Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Building strength using outdoor playground equipment

Aerial strength

After being absent for over a month with injuries, I am struggling to get back into aerials. Tricks I used to be able to do and the amount of times I was able to do time in one go, dropped dramatically and to be honest it has been frustrating. I remember how good I was and I need to rebuild it.

With my end of year performance coming up and a new silk burn injury which is preventing me of combining all the tricks together, I have to find a way to build my stamina aerial strength without being on the silks.

Get hanging

I spoke with my trainer and he suggested, just hanging from a bar for 15 minutes. He said, start with as long as you can and then jump down and then climb back and hang again for as long as possible. Try to do it quickly after each drop and try to go to 15 minutes in total.

So I took my child and off to the playground we went to find some monkey bars.

I climbed up and started hanging I counted in my head, 1, 2, 3 ... I made it to 21 seconds. I jumped down. My hands were sore and already showing they would get calluses. A small price to pay if I could sync my entire routine together of tricks in 3 weeks time for my performance.

I climbed back up, 15 seconds in total this time.

A third time, I tried again, 10 seconds.

I jumped off and felt a nice pull in my arms.

The results of hanging to increase strength

I didn't feel embarrassed I didn't do fifteen minutes worth, I am just grateful I started the process.

I went to aerials the day after and could definitely feel the nice pain from yesterday's hanging. Will it help increase my aerial strength? Only time will tell but it sure is fun.

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