Thursday, 26 October 2017

Difficulties getting back into fitness

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After having a break

Wow, so I had four weeks where I had off aerials, the first two weeks was due to back pain from a crazy incidental fall in my own home (not from aerials). The next two weeks following I couldn't participate due to a major tension headache and during that time I had a range of brain tests to check my brain wasn't bleeding or anything had been ruptured. (Talk about trying not to stress!)

Thankfully, everything came back clear and after many physio visits and de-stressing moments, I was finally able to start aerials again properly.

What happens when you get back into fitness after a break

For me, aerials is my two-hour haven, where I push my body to its limits and I feel like a complete idiot learning new tricks and then I do a trick and it's perfect and I feel on top of the world.

The first week wasn't as bad as I thought and normally I would go in twice a week for two hours at a time but this week I just did an hour and a half. It felt good, not as strong in some tricks and I did feel behind from the rest of the class, simply because I hadn't learnt what they had.

Week two and I feel amazing. I am able to do multiple tricks together. I feel strong. I feel good. My tricks are improving and although I am in some places not where I used to be, I know it will only be matter of time till I am.

Go in with a strong mental attitude towards exercise

It's scary taking time off from exercise. My doctor told me I wasn't allowed to exercise at all until I had done all the tests and received the results. Exercise can be such a mental game sometimes. Yet, as long as we get back in the game, we are winning. If we give up at that point then we have no hope of catching up. It never takes long, just a couple of weeks to get back to the standard you expect to be.

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