Monday, 3 July 2017

Your weekly body love workout

Okay, so now I am into my second 8 week term of aerial silk, I want to continue to focus on the areas that I discuss in these blogs, such as upper body strength, stamina, flexibility etc.

However, now what I also want to focus on during the week is a tighter stomach and work on my upper thighs and butt.

Basically, nearly every woman's favourite areas to workout.

So I need a new plan and I know one that works but like all good things, it takes regularity and time to see results.

So like many women, I am going to take my before pic and then take a 3 month, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months pic. (I'm not going to share these with you though.)

So whats my trusted plan?

Well, in my teenage years I had an incredible body. A four pack and flat stomach, tight muscles and we'll a great tan. Don't get me wrong, I love my body now. Love it.

However, it doesn't mean I can't work on it to make it even better.

So what did I used to do?

I have always had a small bum right. But I did this bum exercise every day and in 3-6 months I could notice the difference. It was tighter! 

Every morning before school,I would spend 30 minutes on exercises. 
Included 100 x bum lifts.
200-500 x crunches 
Among other things, like flexibility etc.

In the afternoon,I generally did some dancing or would put on an exercise DVD for an hour once a week. Plus once a week,I would walk home from school.

I started last night. I did 35 minutes of dance, plus 100 crunches. The crunches really started to burn after 70. And it felt good. 

So are you ready to go on my next journey to not just be fit but also look good?

Let's do this.
First things first. Take that photo. 

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