Monday, 12 June 2017

When you face a fall, get back up and get back up quick!

After leaving with a scare on the last class. I didn't want to wait a whole week to get back into it.

So today, I went to an open training for aerial silk without a trainer. I haven't been completely by myself at all. So I knew to only practice what I have learnt and I had some practicing to do! 

First on the agenda was to practice three tricks tied into one for our first upcoming duet performance. However, they are quite exhausting so practice is needed. 

I took in my iPad and set up the video to continually play the entire time. In my first trick, I climbed up four times to then perform it. In the video you can see my foot physically shake as I am scared of heights and the fact I didn't have a spotter there but I know the trick well, so I was confident that I could do this by myself.

Here's a quick preview, as I can't review the entire trick before our performance! 

I also had a trick I had to conquer, I practiced it 17 times. 17!! I did get better and better but I still haven't completely mastered it. So I will go back to my trainer in the week and ask him for help! I definitely hit the mat a lot from this one. But it was worth it.

I did some more tricks up high to continue to build my confidence and upper strength and overall fitness and after an hour and a bit, I was done. 

Exhausted, I walked 30 minutes to my home as a cool down and then sat down without moving for the next hour. 

Exhausting yet so exhilarating. I loved the time to myself to practice, improve and push through. 

Also, my stomach is actually starting to look flatter. Yah!! Win/win.

Now, I am enjoying the park while my children play. (When you are feeling physically tired, go outdoors). 

Both of my children are also doing tricks on any bars they can find. My youngest is hanging off any type of bar and my oldest is climbing on bars, taking his hands off, doing the middle splits. 

Being an example also feels great,removing the guilt of being away from them for the hour today.

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