Monday, 19 June 2017

Strength workouts

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So, I am newly convinced that building strength is something we should all strive to do.

As an aerialist, I can now call myself that right? Anyway, I need to build my strength. That's one main area that I need improvement and although I am getting better each week, I can help accelerate the process over time by adding in some strength activities throughout the week.

In addition, I really do want to focus on improving my stomach, bum and thighs so more crunches and bum lifts are in order. A great way for your child to practice counting to 100!

I have read a few blogs on aerial silk in building up strength and the main one is doing lateral pull ups.

My trainer also has suggested just standing against the wall - completely flat (ensuring the lower back in against the wall) and then lift both arms ... while maintaining the flatness. In addition, add a bar and in a sitting position, lift the bar up to shoulder height, with your back flat to the back and this will help build the upper strength you need.

I also spoke with an elite trainer who is training a BMX chick. He has spent a year changing up her training and focusing on various strength training exercises. By doing this, she went in a BMX comp against a girl three years older than her who competed in the Olympics and she won!

In addition, I spoke with an Occupational Therapist whose focus is on how to care for the elderly/limited mobility. Interestingly, those with more strength are more mobile.

Strength is key in all age groups and yet here I thought it was mainly for body builders. I am looking forward to getting stronger. I am already noticing a difference with aerial silk. Again, this is what I love about doing a sport/fitness workout that I love to do because it makes me want to aspire to greatness.

*Get moving, get strong, get fit and feel great.*

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