Friday, 2 June 2017

Confidence in sport

Don't repeat the same mistakes

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So I discovered something... There is something holding me back in aerials and I realised last night it's what held me back when I did ballet, so much so that I gave it up and regretted it ever since. Not so much as regret but knew I would never make the same mistake again. 

My mother has always said, life will keep re-sending you life experiences of lessons you still need to learn. I.e my lesson to be confident in my own ability and put myself 100% mentally and physically into the sport. 

Most sports, if not all, are incredibly mental based. You have to be or you won't be able to give yourself the full chance of being great. 

I have been thinking too much about the fears, too much about not being perfect and I am just a beginner. Why am I placing so much mental road blocks in my way? If I held no fear, I would learn aerial silk in a heart beat. 

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So what I know is, it's okay to learn and start somewhere but each week I am improving and I am getting that bit better. Why would I give up on something I love?
Sadly, I have done it once before but I will never do it again. It's too heart breaking to think what could have been. 

Now, I am all in. It means I have to give my everything to aerial silk. Live and breath it. And it's okay if today I don't learn a trick in its entirety because tomorrow I will finish what I started. 

If you feel the same, don't give up instead give yourself fully. 

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