Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 42

Aerial silk last night was amazing!!

I did my first drop!!!

I did it three times, it was just so fun.

The first time I had no idea what was going to happen, as my instructor just said, now do this and do that and I had no idea what to expect or that I was even doing a drop until a few seconds before I did it.
I screamed in delight obviously! I also dropped one arm first instead two at the same time, so it made me a bit off balance.

Wow. It's like you are free falling and of course you feel really high up!!

The second time I did it, I was up but my body was shaking, I now knew what to expect. I put both arms out and went and my landing felt awesome.

The third time my family came in and my son took a video!! So, forgive the shakiness of it but his commentary is pretty cool. My youngest son, freaked out when I screamed falling.

Afterwards my oldest was keen to sign up and try it too!! Lucky they do kids aerial silks and he would be perfect as I always see him hanging upside down on the couch!

But seriously, it was awesome and although I am wearing terrible undies where you can see the outline. Plus, it was my fat week 'women you know what I'm talking about' and the video is a bit amateur. I am excited to share with you my first aerial drop!!!! Turn up the volume to hear my cutie's commentary

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