Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 41

When you start to do less fitness, you have to get yourself back in the game

With a busy work schedule over the past month my energy levels to exercise has dropped dramatically. After my aerial class I knew if I made any more excuses, then it would just be me that would fail. So I did a workout the next day on the outdoor exercise bars in the park and I have video evidence to show you exactly what I did.

There are some exercises here that I wanted to improve my strength in for aerial silk. For example, the one where I am dangling that is to improve my strength for upside handstands in the air and the one at the end, is for a trick in a similar position but a bit straighter where I have to pull my head up from it hanging downwards. Hard to explain. It is need to boost my upper arm and shoulder strength to do it and with this technique it seemed to boost my confidence.

Also I love the roll over, really scary I must say, especially getting out of it. Going over you can let go easier, going back up, makes it real hard to get off. Practice makes perfect.

In addition, a couple of hours later my core was gaining that impressive workout pain that I love and I have been trying to feel that burn in my stomach for ages and this seemed to make it happen!

Watch the video here:

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