Monday, 15 May 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 40

Why you should exercise when you have children

Now I have started my aerial fitness and I have to wear tight gym gear, it's incredibly motivating to work out my body, especially the cellulite on the back of my legs, honestly if children and working causes a person to not work out due to exhaustion then of course Mummy's should accept and acknowledge that the body can't sustain the toned physique that we used to have time pre-children to work on.

That's one of the reasons I created this blog because starting was the biggest fear and actually doing it, gave my mind the confidence that my body could keep up. Not only that but I still felt like could do amazing tricks that I learnt in my late teenage years and hadn't performed in over 9 years.

But there are hard moments, nearly every day I have to push myself, motivate myself to actually do some sort of exercise and sometimes that's just simply walking.

I want to do more and I am never satisifed with working out a couple of times a week, I want and need to push my body every day of the week. Yet, life is busy and exhausting, without the added addition of strenuous exercise, so doing a couple of times a week is awesome really. Stop the guilt because we place too much self guilt on ourselves as parents anyway.

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