Monday, 24 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 39

Push your walk further to challenge your body

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Today, I had no more than 1,500 steps and it was early afternoon. So the family and I went for a walk to boost all of our steps.

I always look for a challenge, where there are rocks, I climb them, where there is a path I go for a race. If there is a beam, I climb and hold my hands on it and lift my legs away. If there is someway I can push my body further than just walking, I will do it.

After five years of only walking, I am done. I want adventure and challenges. Plus, a nice firm body would be an added bonus. What I love about this is, what I do, my children do. My son loves to do everything I do and they even practice handstands against the wall as well, when I do mine.

I think it's great to give yhat example to children that your body is meant for working out in a fun way, while being outdoors especially.

After our long walk, I had made 5,500 steps. 'Oh bummer,' I said to my husband, 'I was hoping to have 6,000 by the time we got home.'

Hot, thirsty and tired I was ready for home. My hubby suggested I run up and down the hill to gain my steps. So I did and then I told them to do it too, so we all did it, racing up and down. It was exhilarating and fun. I couldn't hold back the smile on my face.

We got home 5,750 steps. All good. I know that I put in a greater effort then just walking. I made my steps count. (Mind the pun!)

What will you do on your walk today?

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