Thursday, 13 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 36

Ready to get fit

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Today, I had done only 3,000 steps it was 3pm. 3pm!! Normally, I aim for 4-5,000 steps before midday.

I was fulfilling my day with writing, my other passion. But I had to step it up, I couldn't face my team with a dismal 3,000 steps, especially because I am team captain. Not only would I be laughed at, I would probably be forced to leave the team. (Probably not, I have a really nice team but still!)

At my last aerial silk class, I did a diagonal flat split in the air. It felt incredible. So I have to keep improving my flexibility and length of holds as well as all the other things (you know, stamina, strength, core and more ...)

So I turned on Fetch for MTV Music Hits Channel and started warming-up to the Most-Played Artists x 50. (All my favourite pop songs!)

It soon turned into a flexibility workout, stomach and bum workout with my famous bum lifts (which I know if you do daily, as many as possible, your bum will look perfect - I have proven it when I was younger, I know it works) and stomach crunches, in the middle and to the sides (to get the full stomach cut for the six pack. I used to have a four pack, so trust me on this).

I also practiced my core homework from my Aerial Silk trainer, where I lay down, put legs up to 90 degrees and then lift my head up and hold for 1 minute. The aim is to keep the back flat on the ground, so then to move it further down to the floor, as far as you can without lifting up your back.

I was going to do a warm-down but I had only worked out for 20 minutes, I needed to do another 10 minutes to make 3,000 steps. (see a good motivator to boost steps!).

I decided for the warm-down I would dance, I started with hip-hop and the songs kept coming, so I kept dancing and I even did some ballet to Chainsmokers. (My favourite music group) and finally finished with a warm-down.

In total, a 40 minute workout which had me sweating, trying new things and challenging my body in a fun way. Would I do it again? 100% yes.

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