Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 35

The 10,000 step challenge

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To help keep an eye on my fitness and laziness, I have started the 10,000 daily step challenge with a group of 8 friends. The idea being that to aim for 10,000 steps you get a little push if you haven't arrived at 10,000 steps by the end of the day to help you just do a little bit more to achieve it.

What is 10,000 steps?

"The goal of the 10,000 Steps program is to help you make movement a part of your everyday life. If you are already regularly active, focus on maintaining your existing habit. If you are not sufficiently activity, now is the time to take the first step to better health and wellbeing by increasing your activity." From the 10,000 steps website: 

Why I joined the 10,000 step challenge

I figured, I should be smashing through the 10,000 step challenge because I want to get fit.

My first week saw seemingly good results averaging 10,000 steps a day but the second week, well, my motivation has slowed dramatically. I am averaging around 7,000 steps a day with little to no additional exercise (30 minutes of dance equates to 3,000 steps, proving the extra 30 minutes dedicated activity is needed in your day).

I have done the 10,000 step challenge before but I found my level of fitness or body goals didn't really change. However, with my new found motivation to be awesome at aerial silk, it's important that I don't just make steps where I can but I also do actual fitness workouts nearly every day.

Have you done the 10,000 step challenge? How did you find it? Please comment below.

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