Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 34

Challenge your body with an exercise that will push you

(A picture of me in Class 2 of Aerial Silk Beginner's training)

Doing something for you is awesome.

So I went to aerial silk last night and Wow, I really love it.

As the week progresses before aerial silk, my whole anticipation is attending class. Aerial silk is so challenging, yet so fun and awesome that I want more, yet at the same time I am nervous to do more. But the more I do the better I get and the more fun I have. I can see improvement, I can see why we do start off in certain positions and what we can do once we get stronger in the position.

I am a long way off to mastering the talent but I have started at the beginning and it feels awesome.

It's hard to explain but every week I need to do it, I look forward all week to do it and aerial silk is so different, plus body and mind challenging that it makes me feel alive.

Its interesting, I push my self in new challenges in all areas in my life, with my writing, marketing and my job and self improvement but I haven't in a long time pushed myself towards a physical goal.

I realise how important attending a class is to help challenge your body and get the most out of the workout.

As a past ballerina, I have always enjoyed pushing my body to greater heights and then having time away from dancing and bringing up children, I've tried other exercises, mainly walking and haven't really pushed what my body is capable of, so aerial silk for me is everything. Jumping straight into something so challenging has helped me get excited about improving my overall fitness.

Sometimes when you start right at the beginning but choose an activity that you have never done before that you know will be crazy fun, is going to workout your mind and body way faster than simply doing an exercise that works but you don't enjoy.

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