Monday, 24 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 39

Push your walk further to challenge your body

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Today, I had no more than 1,500 steps and it was early afternoon. So the family and I went for a walk to boost all of our steps.

I always look for a challenge, where there are rocks, I climb them, where there is a path I go for a race. If there is a beam, I climb and hold my hands on it and lift my legs away. If there is someway I can push my body further than just walking, I will do it.

After five years of only walking, I am done. I want adventure and challenges. Plus, a nice firm body would be an added bonus. What I love about this is, what I do, my children do. My son loves to do everything I do and they even practice handstands against the wall as well, when I do mine.

I think it's great to give yhat example to children that your body is meant for working out in a fun way, while being outdoors especially.

After our long walk, I had made 5,500 steps. 'Oh bummer,' I said to my husband, 'I was hoping to have 6,000 by the time we got home.'

Hot, thirsty and tired I was ready for home. My hubby suggested I run up and down the hill to gain my steps. So I did and then I told them to do it too, so we all did it, racing up and down. It was exhilarating and fun. I couldn't hold back the smile on my face.

We got home 5,750 steps. All good. I know that I put in a greater effort then just walking. I made my steps count. (Mind the pun!)

What will you do on your walk today?

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 38

Walking 10,000 steps challenge

10,000 steps a day isn't going to tone my body unless I add in a workout

So I have discovered that doing more than 10,000 steps during my work day is quite easy to accomplish. However, I am only walking, not doing any thing to challenge my body. So although, acquiring 10,000 steps is good, just walking at an average pace won't tone my body or even improve my stamina.

The other issue is on weekends, I really struggle making 10,000 steps. So I aim to do physical activity to gain the 10,000 steps achievement.

With my aerial silk training, I am still motivated to workout because I can only do so much every day and for every new class, I want to be better.

If you are doing the 10,000 steps challenge, aim to do 10 minutes a day of actual exercise. This will help improve your level of fitness. Yet, 10,000 steps is still a great goal and helps motivate you to do more. Programmed exercise, whether done from Youtube or in a class, will help give you results.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 37

Small achievements make a big difference

Image via: Yoganonymous 

Today, was my first day being able to perform a handstand by myself. I did two in my class but then I tried it at home and I couldn't do it. I laughed at myself, it can't be the wall to blame so what was I doing differently in class to home? The answer, a warm up! We normally attempted handstands ten minutes into our class. At home, I didn't do any pre-warm up and just couldn't make it.

So I danced for 20 minutes and then attempted the hand stand and I did it! Ten seconds holding it up against the wall, trying to focus on straightening my arms and lifting my body up and then coming out cleanly. Having a little breather and then trying again and it feels awesome!

Our homework has been to do a handstand and hold it for 30 seconds and I haven't even been able to get up for weeks, although I have been trying! This is the first time in my life, I have been able to do one.

This is why doing something you have never done before is awesome, because you get to challenge your body but also feel triumphant at the small achievements you make.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 36

Ready to get fit

Image via: Shape Magazine

Today, I had done only 3,000 steps it was 3pm. 3pm!! Normally, I aim for 4-5,000 steps before midday.

I was fulfilling my day with writing, my other passion. But I had to step it up, I couldn't face my team with a dismal 3,000 steps, especially because I am team captain. Not only would I be laughed at, I would probably be forced to leave the team. (Probably not, I have a really nice team but still!)

At my last aerial silk class, I did a diagonal flat split in the air. It felt incredible. So I have to keep improving my flexibility and length of holds as well as all the other things (you know, stamina, strength, core and more ...)

So I turned on Fetch for MTV Music Hits Channel and started warming-up to the Most-Played Artists x 50. (All my favourite pop songs!)

It soon turned into a flexibility workout, stomach and bum workout with my famous bum lifts (which I know if you do daily, as many as possible, your bum will look perfect - I have proven it when I was younger, I know it works) and stomach crunches, in the middle and to the sides (to get the full stomach cut for the six pack. I used to have a four pack, so trust me on this).

I also practiced my core homework from my Aerial Silk trainer, where I lay down, put legs up to 90 degrees and then lift my head up and hold for 1 minute. The aim is to keep the back flat on the ground, so then to move it further down to the floor, as far as you can without lifting up your back.

I was going to do a warm-down but I had only worked out for 20 minutes, I needed to do another 10 minutes to make 3,000 steps. (see a good motivator to boost steps!).

I decided for the warm-down I would dance, I started with hip-hop and the songs kept coming, so I kept dancing and I even did some ballet to Chainsmokers. (My favourite music group) and finally finished with a warm-down.

In total, a 40 minute workout which had me sweating, trying new things and challenging my body in a fun way. Would I do it again? 100% yes.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 35

The 10,000 step challenge

Image via: Greater Bank

To help keep an eye on my fitness and laziness, I have started the 10,000 daily step challenge with a group of 8 friends. The idea being that to aim for 10,000 steps you get a little push if you haven't arrived at 10,000 steps by the end of the day to help you just do a little bit more to achieve it.

What is 10,000 steps?

"The goal of the 10,000 Steps program is to help you make movement a part of your everyday life. If you are already regularly active, focus on maintaining your existing habit. If you are not sufficiently activity, now is the time to take the first step to better health and wellbeing by increasing your activity." From the 10,000 steps website: 

Why I joined the 10,000 step challenge

I figured, I should be smashing through the 10,000 step challenge because I want to get fit.

My first week saw seemingly good results averaging 10,000 steps a day but the second week, well, my motivation has slowed dramatically. I am averaging around 7,000 steps a day with little to no additional exercise (30 minutes of dance equates to 3,000 steps, proving the extra 30 minutes dedicated activity is needed in your day).

I have done the 10,000 step challenge before but I found my level of fitness or body goals didn't really change. However, with my new found motivation to be awesome at aerial silk, it's important that I don't just make steps where I can but I also do actual fitness workouts nearly every day.

Have you done the 10,000 step challenge? How did you find it? Please comment below.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 34

Challenge your body with an exercise that will push you

(A picture of me in Class 2 of Aerial Silk Beginner's training)

Doing something for you is awesome.

So I went to aerial silk last night and Wow, I really love it.

As the week progresses before aerial silk, my whole anticipation is attending class. Aerial silk is so challenging, yet so fun and awesome that I want more, yet at the same time I am nervous to do more. But the more I do the better I get and the more fun I have. I can see improvement, I can see why we do start off in certain positions and what we can do once we get stronger in the position.

I am a long way off to mastering the talent but I have started at the beginning and it feels awesome.

It's hard to explain but every week I need to do it, I look forward all week to do it and aerial silk is so different, plus body and mind challenging that it makes me feel alive.

Its interesting, I push my self in new challenges in all areas in my life, with my writing, marketing and my job and self improvement but I haven't in a long time pushed myself towards a physical goal.

I realise how important attending a class is to help challenge your body and get the most out of the workout.

As a past ballerina, I have always enjoyed pushing my body to greater heights and then having time away from dancing and bringing up children, I've tried other exercises, mainly walking and haven't really pushed what my body is capable of, so aerial silk for me is everything. Jumping straight into something so challenging has helped me get excited about improving my overall fitness.

Sometimes when you start right at the beginning but choose an activity that you have never done before that you know will be crazy fun, is going to workout your mind and body way faster than simply doing an exercise that works but you don't enjoy.