Monday, 27 March 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 32

Time to remind my body of its flexibility

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My self-made flexibility class

I've been saying for weeks I need to improve my flexibility but I haven't really spent a whole training session dedicated just for flexibility. So tonight I wanted to see how far I can go.

Recommendation for beginners in flexibility

I also don't recommend this if you have never done the splits before as you could hurt yourself.  Do everything slowly and make sure you have a spotter to help lift you if you can't get back up.

My flexibility lesson

I did lots of pre-stretching, I did the half split and front leg underneath and did this on both sides. I just tried the splits myself twice first and then got my husband to hold my arms up straight, which is quite difficult but it would be like I was holding the silk so you need a different strength and I went a good distance that I will now start trying with the silk.

I also went on tippy toes and did a side split on the half wall. Important to make sure your hip is straight forward in line with your other hip. Lower the height until you get this right. I tried on both legs a couple of times.

Always end your exercise session with something fun

I did some leg side kicks on each side and finished off with a dance to Julia Michaels - Issues:

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