Monday, 27 March 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 33

To get fit, get your whole family active, even you

Tell yourself when fitness feels good

I have been feeling really good at my fitness lately. This week, I have focused on strength, flexibility and now stamina and I have to say I am feeling great, mentally and physically.

Baseball for the whole family

Today, the whole family went to practice in the baseball bating cages. Our children started batting from the tea-ball equipment in the first batting cage. While my husband and his coached practiced bating in the far cage.

Both my children were batting and I started to stretch out as my body was a bit tight from the flexibility workout the other day.

After a few hits my son wanted to go pick up the balls. I decided to run and pick up four balls at a time and run back and the children followed and ran too.

The kids kept batting and then we would run again and pick up the balls. I want to build my stamina and fitness levels. I want to do something every day.

We then practiced our throwing. All up we threw about half a carton of balls. Then we ran again and got all the balls.

When it's time to go but you have more to give

It was time to leave but I still felt I had more in me, so I suggested to my husband that we run on the field. My son was keen, so we sprinted from the batting cage to the first field, about 100 metres and we raced back.

Both my children and I kept doing it, with rests in between. About 5-6 times.

Satisfaction and results 

It felt good and overall it was an hour's of activity involving the whole family and it's a memory that will last with me forever.

I did however forget to stretch afterwards but once we got home, I felt tightness, I did a stretch then and my son even showed me some good stretches to do.

As always, I suggest you try to involve your children in exercise as you do it. Turn it into a competition!

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