Friday, 17 March 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 27

The day after my first aerial silk ...

The day after my first Aerial Silk Class, I was expecting to wake up in a whole lot of pain but was pleasantly surprised when I didn't. A small amount of soreness in my arms that I can't even tell you where, because I have never used those muscles before.

I did do some stretching when I got home from class, for about 5 mins which seemed to help.

However, I was completely tired. I do wonder if I had tried to be more active before I started, if it would have helped.

The second day was a little bit more pain in the arms. I probably didn't be as active as I could have been, which resulted in me not sleeping till the wee hours of morning. Another reason to try and do something active every one to two days.

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