Friday, 17 March 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 26

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My aerial silk journey begins

Wow, I have great news! I did my very first class in aerial silk. Finally my dream of doing it, is actually happening and guess what it was awesome!

I went with my friend (which I strongly suggest) because we cheered each other on and laughed and swore. It was hilarious but awesome. We could actually do it. Which, I am pretty amazed about.

In the beginning of my aerial silk class...

Of course my first attempt I landed flat on my butt, which was to be expected but I wanted to do it. Then the next attempt, I did do it and I didn't just do it, I learned how to do tricks as well, like upside down hand stands and holding one silk in each hand while performing the middle splits (not full splits and this is where I want to improve), just felt incredible.

My friend and I were puffing, had sore hands but you couldn't wipe the smile off our faces. The class was incredible, what we were doing was incredible and it was definitely a life experience I will not forget.

This is an 8 week course so I will let you know on how we progress and what I will do in the interim to keep working on the target areas.

Is my fit journey over though?

Absolutely not. I am just beginning. I realise I need to work on greater flexibility to make the tricks look better as well as my core strength and upper body strength.

Plus, I am really loving it. It made me feel good, laugh lots and challenged me in doing something I have never done before. I feel alive.

I actually strongly suggest if you are feeling sad for no reason or you are just bored of life, then do something that seems totally out there and challenging. For me it's aerial silk, for you it could be another sport, just try it!

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