Sunday, 12 March 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 25

Yoga & Cardio to help you get into fitness today

Written by Melanie Toye

The reality of making one step closer to your fitness goals

So I did it! I am booked into Aerial Silk and to be honest, the nerves are starting to build already. I know I can do this. I also know I can survive an hour class (hopefully).

But I also know, feeling lazy (especially on the weekends) is not going to help me achieve my goal. I have not much time left before my first lesson and I don't want to be so tired and sore from it that I can't move the next day. So here's to a week of activity.

My focus today was to get flexible and do some cardio.

Starting slow, start with yoga

I found this yoga workout on Youtube. Try it!

How far did you go? Normally, I would try for the whole video. But I had a heavy dinner and the whole up and down, real fast got me to 14 minutes and then I had to stop. It was very good though and I hated it throughout (when I mean hate, I mean it was working! I think I will feel the exercise burn tomorrow.)

Overall, this yoga workout was very good.

At your peak, add in cardio to your workout

I felt like I should really do some more cardio, so I found this extra workout.

Again, I didn't finish the whole video, but you go right ahead! I also didn't incorporate weights, only because I didn't realise and felt it was too far to walk to the cupboard. Okay, I know I sound lazy but I was doing much more than I originally intended (which was to sit on the couch for as long as possible, huh! Who am I kidding, I've got kids). :)

Warm-down's are for everyone

And then came the warm down:

I have to admit I was really looking forward to the warm down, so much so, I nearly ditched it completely. However, it is so important you warm down after exercise, especially if you haven't done it in a while. That's why, it's okay if you want to finish a workout video early, as long as you still do a warm down.

I really liked this video, it look very professional. Plus, it was super quick. 

Thank goodness, today was hard but I feel great now that I have done it and that I am one step closer to doing well in my first aerial silk class.

Key points to keep up your daily fitness goals:

  • Have a bigger goal in mind with a deadline that will motivate you to workout daily. 
  • Keep a diary of when you are working out, so you know when you miss a day.
  • Do exercise if you are feeling lazy, it will wake you up. 

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