Sunday, 12 March 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 22

Use the playground to your advantage

Written by Melanie Toye
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Fitness during sickness

I apologise for the delay in posts, I was sick and then I let posting of the blogs get away from me. If you do get sick, it's very important to rest as much as you need without pushing your body to exercise until you are fully over it.

Get fit with your children

Stomach crunches on the monkey bars anyone?
My first Exercise to get back into it, was by taking my children to the playground and while they played, I jumped on the monkey bars and performed lifts and dance leg moves while holding the bars and even stomach sit-ups with my legs over the bars with my upper body dangling.

Know your limits when it comes to fitness safety

Please note, I would hate for you to break your back, or arm or hurt yourself, so be careful, make sure your legs can completely hold you, use the side bars to place your hands to hold if need be and then bring your body back up to have your hands holding the bars to help you get back down. If you feel like your body is slipping, don't panic, simply fix it or get back to the ground as soon as you can.

Good luck!

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