Thursday, 26 January 2017

Your Exercise Daily Motivation: Day 17

My arms are killing me from the two-day ago, upper strength workout. It hurts to lift a top over my head. PAIN. Good pain but pain none the less.

Swimming is a form of exercise, even if it's leisurely

It's a hot day, so my family and I go swimming. To ensure I get a work out on top of the leisurely hours' swim, I take my five year old for around the entire pool on my neck. I had to walk/swim (using my whole body) for a workout. Then after I dropped him off with his Dad, I took my younger son for another trip round. I actually got  a stitch so had to sit down for a bit in the foot deep water edge before swimming/trudging back.

Important notes to remember: 

  • Always remember if you get any pain, stop, breathe and rest before starting up again.
  • Get your children involved in your workout to help with you maximise it and make it fun for you and them.
Now go swimming, it's hot enough!!

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