Friday, 6 January 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Time to get started (Read this first)

Guess what, I have something to share with you. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is Melanie Toye. I am a 100% creative, who loves to write, paint and teach.

I am also a Mum of  two and haven't really exercised hard for over five years. My main exercise has been walking but although some say that is enough and the best form of exercise, it's not hard exercise that pushes me to the limit and challenges my body.

In addition, I am a past-ballerina/dancer. I am used to challenging my body and know when it's been worked hard. But how do I get past this five to six years of doing no challenging form of exercise?

First of all, motivation. In three months I want to be able start learning to do aerial silk. I feel it's the next level I can take my ballet technique and just do something new, elegant and exciting.

The second is well, Christmas came and a few weeks prior to Christmas, my work held a 7 days, 7 kilo's morning tea's daily. Let's just say, I was feeling pretty heavy and beefy. So it's time to get started. I want to take it slow but still do some challenging stuff.

My focus is to start small, so just 7 minutes or more a day. I don't do it every day however and this is fine. But the aim is to do it every day.

Second of all, I want to do exercises that will help me when I start training to do aerial silk, this means I will be focusing on upper strength (which I lack!), wrist strength (if you can't open a bottle of water than listen in!), flexibility (with aerial silk the splits are always a winner!) and tone my legs to get rid of the summer cellulite that has crept in.

Each day that I do this, I will post the exercise video from YouTube (yep easy to do at home, as it can be done any time of day and you can wear what ever you want). Each day will be different focusing on what I want from your new body.

Understandably, I am not looking for quick fixes or diets or really full-on workouts that I know will kill me because I haven't worked out in years. So if you want to take it slowly and get your butt moving (literally) with me, then I would love for you to join me on this new adventure.

In no time, you will see results, as will I!

Disclaimer: Please note, it's really important you speak to a doctor before starting any exercise regime. If you have any pain, breathing difficulties or anything medical during the exercise, stop immediately. I will not be responsible for any damage or injury that may occur from you doing these exercise video's. I do not recommend hard exercises when/if breastfeeding, as this could result in milk loss. Please also note, that the first 12 months after pregnancy, your body changes a lot. I have started this daily exercise 1 1/2 years after I had my second child. There is no rush. Take your time. You know when you will be ready.

Also, it doesn't matter what day you might start this, just make sure you follow the days in order, starting with Day 1 etc, to work up to each day.

I do recommend downloading the free app HabitHub. It's a daily goal app, where you can write the daily goal and then tick done when you do it. You get to see your ongoing progress, so instead of letting it slide one or two days, you want to tick it off, so you end up doing it!

Chat soon,
Melanie xo

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