Friday, 6 January 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 3

Today, I didn't use YouTube I went to this teenage/kid's playground. It was for a higher age group than five and six year olds. This was a climbing playground. It had this climbing rope which was really high that you had to climb first and then climb over, or you could climb up in the middle, which I did, then swung from it, to practice my aerial silk swinging, dance positions and just building my upper strength. I only did about ten minutes, but it was amazing and I am looking forward to getting back there to try it again.

I know my followers are from all around the world, so I will say, look for those workout outdoor activity areas and I am sure you can use your imagination to do a quick upper body workout. Take your phone or ipad and turn on some dance beats to get you moving.

Note: I only did this when there was no one else around. So, pick a non-popular spot. We are newbies after all! :)

For all those people, who are ready to let this day of exercise go. Don't. Going outside and swinging on monkey bars is really fun, just don't break any bones!

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