Friday, 27 January 2017

Your daily exercise motivation: Day 19

Image via: ABC

I have to mention that it's summer right now in Australia. So my workout activities are either swimming or in air-conditioning or at times when it's cool in the evenings.

Today, I spent the entire morning out in the sun but if that wasn't enough, I thought wouldn't it be fun to go to inflatable world again?

So great that we walked to the bus stop but we had missed it so kept walking to every bus stop for the next one,waited one minute, no bus, so we kept walking until 45 minutes in the heat we made it to inflatable world, where there is no air-conditioning and you jump around for two hours!

It didn't help that we arrived sweating! So first things first, a cold drink! And then let the jumping begin.

The great part of exercising with kids is, it's fun and you do things you wouldn't normally do. Like carry a 10kg toddler up a tall inflatable ladder to get to the top and slide down the slippery slide! For a giggle and smile from your child that makes your heart melt. So you keep doing it. And if one wasn't enough, you have two to watch and run around with, both wanting to do different things.

After our fun of two hours of jumping and a visit to the bathroom to wash the dripping sweat off.

We walked to the bus stop. Don't you know it it's a long wait. So we walk back home. Another 45 minutes.

Talk about a workout but guess what? It was completely fun, so go on what are you waiting for, go to inflatable world before I tell you to do some squats!

(Please note this is not a sponsored post from Inflatable World, just a mother who needed to do something active and fun with her children. However, Inflatable World, if you ever want some promotion, please get in touch!).

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