Sunday, 22 January 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 13

How are you feeling?

I did a check and sadly I still have some cellulite. So a focus on my legs are a must today. Plus, painting my kitchen last night has given me sore arms (see it was a workout!), so a bit of an arm stretch is needed.

Unfortunately, my internet was having some issues today and didn't want to perform. Instead, I laid down on the floor (was feeling pretty tired), and did some leg workouts. I did lot's of reps that made me burn but my desire to burn off this cellulite was too great to not do anything or to stop when the burning (good) pain started. Instead, I finally lowered my leg and then felt the pain even more in my butt (nice!) Then I swapped legs. 

I did about 7 minutes of different leg workout exercises. I challenge you to do the same. You don't always need a teacher to help guide you. Just do the ones you know and challenge yourself. Put your timer on for 7 minutes and get moving! 

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