Monday, 31 July 2017

Your Daily Exercise Motivation: Day 46

Open Training 

The pros and cons

So I decided very last minute that I would go to open training for aerial silk.

My friend couldn't come so it was just me.

I do love open training. I can do a trick 17 times and not succeed and nobody cares. Nobody laughs and really nobody even looks. Yet its my time to practice what I have learnt in class and try to remember the steps involved and making it look pretty. Also it helps when I go back to class and say, I had trouble doing this part can you tell me what I'm doing wrong?

In addition, I was feeling a light soreness from aerial silk two nights earlier and to be honest, going in the morning means I can be pretty tired for the rest of the day. But I spent the evening watching aerial silk inspired videos and I just wanted to get back into it.

So I went.

The outcome

And it felt great. I had some not successful moments but I would try again and I had some really nice elements and I even practiced some tricks that used to make me hyperventilate just watching my friend do it (I did it close to the ground) but still it renewed my confidence in those tricks I haven't had a chance to perfect and others I am only just learning and others that I need to get moving on.

Plus it gives me extra fitness. Extra exercise and strength that I can build and push my body to get used to.

The result, I felt great. I video tapped the session and I had practiced everything I wanted to and more. I even did things that I never have confidence to do for myself in class and I did it all by myself. Sometimes if we really want something we need more time to practice and we need to renew our confidence in ourselves that there is nothing to worry about, I've got this!

Want to see one of the many tricks:

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