Monday, 30 April 2018

Why I am loving the stairs

Stair Fitness

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I have started stair walking in my lunch breaks.

I used to enjoy walks but just found it wasn't challenging enough.

If I want my butt, thighs and stomach to get toned and sexy, I need to boost my fitness to the next level.

So either daily or every second day, five days a week, I go walk the stairs. Normally 30-60 minutes.

My first time, I climbed all these stairs and I was puffing and felt that terrible dry throat trying to breathe.

The second day, immediately, I felt better and just puffed as I normally would when walking.

The third day, I was running up and down the bigger stairs.

I love the stairs and have found that it has boosted my fitness during the day, after sitting down all morning, it makes me feel good and I feel like my butt is looking more curvy then flat!!


If you start the stair climbing challenge, let me know how it makes you feel in the comments below.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Exercises to improve your core

Core Practice

Source via: YouTube

Watch the core video above and give it a go. Using your core is one of the best things you can do for your body, it not just improves your workouts but also improves your posture. Using your core helps you not get injury's, helps your posture and back stay strong in the movement and gives your body strength.

I have been learning aerials for over a year and core is so important. I am only just re-learning how to use my core and it is hard work. 

Tuck in your stomach. Squeeze in your butt for a tight core. Now hold it in like this as long as you can (and still be able to breathe). 

When walking, to improve your posture, tuck in your stomach and about 20% squeeze in your butt.

Give it a go and tell me how you feel. The first three days I struggled with it but then by day four, it didn't hurt so much. Yet, a few weeks in and I still have to remind myself to put in my core ALL the time. 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Turn on the music and dance: Bad Liar - Dancing Chick - Melanie Toye

I have a new YouTube Playlist: Dancing Chick

Turn on the music and dance, is a fun space where Melanie shows you how fun and easy it is to simply turn on the music and just dance. Melanie is a huge advocate for fun fitness. So get fit and turn on the music and dance!

I will be posting weekly Dancing Chick videos.

So tune in and get dancing.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Dancing Queen

Dancing is super fun and relaxing. 

It never feels like exercise, yet it is and their are so many challenges you can create to improve. 

Below are two free movement dance videos of me to song Dusk till Dawn by Zahn featuring Sia.

Like and share if you enjoy watching them! 

Comment below if it made you want to dance. 

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Building strength using outdoor playground equipment

Aerial strength

After being absent for over a month with injuries, I am struggling to get back into aerials. Tricks I used to be able to do and the amount of times I was able to do time in one go, dropped dramatically and to be honest it has been frustrating. I remember how good I was and I need to rebuild it.

With my end of year performance coming up and a new silk burn injury which is preventing me of combining all the tricks together, I have to find a way to build my stamina aerial strength without being on the silks.

Get hanging

I spoke with my trainer and he suggested, just hanging from a bar for 15 minutes. He said, start with as long as you can and then jump down and then climb back and hang again for as long as possible. Try to do it quickly after each drop and try to go to 15 minutes in total.

So I took my child and off to the playground we went to find some monkey bars.

I climbed up and started hanging I counted in my head, 1, 2, 3 ... I made it to 21 seconds. I jumped down. My hands were sore and already showing they would get calluses. A small price to pay if I could sync my entire routine together of tricks in 3 weeks time for my performance.

I climbed back up, 15 seconds in total this time.

A third time, I tried again, 10 seconds.

I jumped off and felt a nice pull in my arms.

The results of hanging to increase strength

I didn't feel embarrassed I didn't do fifteen minutes worth, I am just grateful I started the process.

I went to aerials the day after and could definitely feel the nice pain from yesterday's hanging. Will it help increase my aerial strength? Only time will tell but it sure is fun.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Difficulties getting back into fitness

Image via: Fitted Magazine

After having a break

Wow, so I had four weeks where I had off aerials, the first two weeks was due to back pain from a crazy incidental fall in my own home (not from aerials). The next two weeks following I couldn't participate due to a major tension headache and during that time I had a range of brain tests to check my brain wasn't bleeding or anything had been ruptured. (Talk about trying not to stress!)

Thankfully, everything came back clear and after many physio visits and de-stressing moments, I was finally able to start aerials again properly.

What happens when you get back into fitness after a break

For me, aerials is my two-hour haven, where I push my body to its limits and I feel like a complete idiot learning new tricks and then I do a trick and it's perfect and I feel on top of the world.

The first week wasn't as bad as I thought and normally I would go in twice a week for two hours at a time but this week I just did an hour and a half. It felt good, not as strong in some tricks and I did feel behind from the rest of the class, simply because I hadn't learnt what they had.

Week two and I feel amazing. I am able to do multiple tricks together. I feel strong. I feel good. My tricks are improving and although I am in some places not where I used to be, I know it will only be matter of time till I am.

Go in with a strong mental attitude towards exercise

It's scary taking time off from exercise. My doctor told me I wasn't allowed to exercise at all until I had done all the tests and received the results. Exercise can be such a mental game sometimes. Yet, as long as we get back in the game, we are winning. If we give up at that point then we have no hope of catching up. It never takes long, just a couple of weeks to get back to the standard you expect to be.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Aerial Silk Pretty Videos

So I went to training and I was the only one there and I thought, why not just go all out and try to make everything look really pretty.

So I did, well at least I tried ...

This one is very cool, it's the splits for about a minute thirty and then a roll up split and then keep watching for a cool upside down straddle split and my first time I rolled back up:

A cool spinning trick that I love!:

The scorpion:

A pretty climb:

Thank fully, I created so many video's on this one day at training because that night (not at silks) I hurt my back!! So a few weeks off tricks (but still stretching on the silks). Can't wait to get back on it and learn more!